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    18 away from THIRD 2002 Topps Traded Prospect Set

    I am just 18 cards away form a THIRD 2002 Topps Traded PROSPECT set.

    I need the following to finish it off:
    T113 Justin Reid
    T116 Nelson castro
    T124 Michael Floyd
    T127 Javier Colina
    T129 Ronnie Merrill
    T131 Josh Bonifay
    T142 Colin Young
    T169 Mark Teixeira
    T170 Brian Rogers
    T171 Anastacio Martinez
    T172 Bobby Jenks
    T173 David Gil
    T178 Jason Young
    T199 Ryan Dumoit
    T220 Andy Van Hekken
    T221 Michael Cuddyer
    T222 Jeff Verplancke
    T231 Mark Prior
    PLMK what you have.

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