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Thread: Numbered Cards For Sale

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    Numbered Cards For Sale

    All cards are 1 dollar

    02 Donruss BOFC Willie Harris RC/100
    02 Donruss Elite Erik Bedard RC/1500 x2
    03 Leaf Limited Miguel Tejada/999

    03 Finite Andruw Jones Major Factors/1599
    01 Fleer Platinum Mark Derosa/201
    03 Playoff Absolute Michael Hessman/1500 RC
    03 Fleer Patchworks Adam Laroche/1500 RC

    03 Fleer Patchworks Alejandro Machado/1500 RC

    White Sox
    01 UD Evolution Juan Uribe/2499 RC
    03 Playoff Portraits Carlos Lee/100
    02 Diamond Kings Frank Thomas/400
    01 Donruss Joe Crede/2001 RC

    03 Fleer Rookies&Greats Todd Helton/250
    02 Donruss BOFC Larry Walker Fan Club Favorites/2025
    03 Finite Larry Walker/1999
    03 UD Authentics Clint Barmes/999 RC

    01 Fleer Futures Jose Ortiz/499

    03 Fleer Patchworks Cliff Lee/1500 RC
    03 Donruss Elite Jhonny Peralta/1750 RC
    02 Fleer Maximum True Colors Roy Smith/500 RC

    03 Fleer Patchworks Tim Olson/1500 RC
    03 SP Authentic Matt Kata/2003 RC
    03 Finite Robbie Alomar Major Factors/1599

    02 Topps Gold Fernando Vina/2002

    Kazuhisa Ishii
    02 Donruss Classics/1500 RC
    02 Studio/1500 RC
    03 Leaf Limited/999
    02 Fleer Maximum Brian Jordan/316
    03 Finite Hideo Nomo/1999
    03 Finite Steve Colver/599 RC
    03 Finite Prominent Powers Shawn Green/499
    02 Topps Gold Terry Mulholland/2002

    Devil Rays
    02 Topps Gold John Halama/2002
    Pete LaForest
    03 Fleer Patchworks/1500 RC
    03 Playoff Absolute/1500 RC
    Dewon Brazelton
    03 Donruss Champions/100
    02 Donruss Classics/1500
    03 Finite Tino Martinez/1999

    02 Donruss Elite Adam Johnson/1500 RC
    03 Finite Alex Prieto/1299 RC
    03 Playoff Portraits Torii Hunter/250
    03 SP Authentic Willie Eyre/2003

    03 Finite Drew Henson/1299
    02 Fleer Maximum Paul O'Neil/359
    03 Finite Mariano Rivera/1999 x2

    02 Donruss Elite Josh Pearce/1500 RC

    02 Diamond Connection Kurt Ainsworth/1500 RC
    02 DOnruss BOFC David Brous/1350 RC
    03 Fleer Patchworks Lance Niekro/1500 RC

    03 Fleer Patchworks David Pember/1500 RC
    Jose Hernandez
    02 Triple Crown/78
    02 Triple Crown/249
    03 Playoff Absolute Pedro Liriano/1500 RC
    01 Bowmans Best David Krynzel/2999 RC
    01 UD Evolution Jose Mieses/2499 RC

    03 Playoff Portraits Richard Hidalgo/100
    01 UD Evolution Morgan Ensberg/2499 RC
    03 Leaf Limited Roy Oswalt/999
    03 Finite Jeff Bagwell/1999
    03 Studio Big Leage Challenge Lance Berkamn/400

    03 SP Authentic Todd Wellemeyer/2003 RC
    03 Playoff Absolute John Webb/1500 RC

    03 Playoff Prestige Tony Batista/150
    02 UD Diamond Connection Ron Calloway/1500 RC

    02 Donruss Classics Mark Teixeira/1500 RC
    03 SP Authentic Rosman Garcia/699 RC
    03 Finite Jermaine Clark/1299 RC
    03 Finite Juan Domingez/1299 RC

    03 Finite Garrett Anderson/1999
    01 UD Evolution Elpidio Guzamn/2499 RC
    01 Fleer Showcase Elpidio Guzman/1500 RC
    03 Studio Big League Challenge Troy Glaus/400
    03 Finite Major Factors Vladimir Guerrero/199
    00 Fleer Showcase David Eckstein/500 RC

    01 Fleer Triple Crown Bud Smith/2999 RC
    01 Topps Reserve Reggie Griggs/1500
    99 Topps Stars Bright Futures Pat Burrell/1999 RC
    03 Leaf Limited Spotlight Jim Thome/100
    03 Finite Jeremy Wedel/1299

    Blue Jays
    02 Studio Kevin Cash/1500 RC

    02 Fleer Genuine Upside Adam Walker/2002
    Tsuyoshi Shinjo
    01 UD Evolution/2499 RC
    01 Fleer Legacy/799 RC
    03 Fleer Genuine Upside Craig Brazell/1000 RC

    03 Finite Brent Mayne/1999
    02 Triple Crown Mark Quinn/269
    02 Donruss BOFC Ken Harvey/1350 RC
    03 Leaf Limited/999
    Mike Sweeney
    Juan Gonzalez
    03 Playoff Absolute Ian Ferguson/100 RC
    02 Donruss Classics Angel Berroa/1500 RC
    02 Playoff POG Aaron Guiel/500 RC

    03 Playoff Portraits Brian Giles/250
    01 UD Evolution Brian Lawrence/2499
    03 SP Authentic Khalil Greene/699 RC

    PLMK what you need. May consider trading for Current or Retired Red Sox numbered cards.


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    I have a Nomar triple crown 02 emerald card numbered to 249. I am interested in a couple of your cards. PLMK.

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