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    Cdn. National Card Show Purchases

    Show wasn't great for basketball (mostly hockey) but I found some cards for master sets so I was happy.
    Here is what I got.

    02-03 Topps Finest

    RC's - Kareem Rush, John Salmons, J.R. Bremer, Raul Lopez, Junior Harrington, Jay Williams, Emmanuel Ginobilli
    Draft Redemptions (redeemed) - #3 Carmelo Anthony, #8 T.J. Ford, #9 Mike Sweetney

    03-04 Bowman Rookies and Stars

    Fabric of the Future - Brian Cook. Luke Walton, Nick Collison, Luke Ridnour, Travis Outlaw

    Auto RC - Marcus Banks

    2 Boxes retail 03-04 UD MVP - pulled some inserts which I am collecting and a jersey (maggette) so it was alright.

    Also got this (for $20 Cdn):

    03--04 UD Hardcourt Floor LeBron James - LB1

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    Those are some nice 2002/03 Finest pickups. I'm also trying to put together the set. Congrats and GL putting it together

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