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Thread: 8-2 Miami

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    to bad they won't go wade and the other guys wait go wade

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    Everyone, I mean I am not a mod or anything but is it neccesary to update the game? I think everyone is watching. And stalking to that last post what did that mean. If you update the game go into analysis not just go wade.

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    GO WADE card buyer said
    I Hate the Heat. Comon New Orleans comeback!

    i'm saying do good win any of this ringing a bell

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    Heat won, but they will get swept or 4-1 by Indiana. I still hate the Heat. They played well tonight though, unfortunately.

    As far as the being an okay post...It created conversation, which is why its a "forum" where posts to chat go...I dont see any problems with it

    DAVID WESLEY 00-01 Fleer Game Time Game Time Uniformity 2/color two pin stripes

    I may be interested in that.....what BV do you want in trade?

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    well it books about twelve not sure plus the pin stripes i'll want 17 need your prince spx gu/auto really bad

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    I collect SPX RCS so it will be really hard to get from me. Do you have any SPX not listed on your site?

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    no dang it they are so rare and exspencesive on ebay what would you trade for the wesely

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    Heats season ends tonight or in Game 7, hope you had a fun season ;-)

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