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    Paying CC For My 2004 Authentix Needs

    Looking for my Authentix set needs. LMK what ya got then we can see what u need for them. Click my needs in my sig.


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    I, too, am looking to complete this set.

    From the extras I've gotten, I have on your list:

    If you happen to have extras, which i'm sure you do, i'm looking for:

    Maybe we can crosstrade (+/- CC?) or work something out between us?

    Edit: Bolded the cards we are Both missing. :)
    Also noticed your tradepage.. I'm very interested of all of the 2004 Authentix Cards on your page. ;) Primarily the Ticket to the Majors cards, but I'd also like the other 3. Maybe I could throw Cardcash/realcash your way. :D

    2004 Fleer Authentix
    - Miguel Cabrera / Mark Teixeira Unripped Dual Jsy 17/50
    - Hee Seop Choi Authentix Ripped Jsy (Tiny Blue Stripe)
    - Phil Rizzuto Unripped Jsy (Blue Stripe)
    - Koyie Hill Ticket To The Majors 465/999
    - Jerry Gill Ticket To The Majors 317/999

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    Thanks for the rply, however I don't have ANY dupes lol. SOrry man but I am still interested in the ones you have I can use.

    LMK what you need for them.

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    Ah.. Well.. Like I said, I'd like those 5 cards on the bottom. (The Jerseys and TttM), and cardcash is cool too. I'm not sure what kind of price to set though. heh..

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    Bumping, just because, If nothing else, I'd like to get rid of some of these dupes. :)

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    Ill take what you have I need for CC LMK what I get and How much CC


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