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    Investment Contest - 300cc minimum prize


    Start with $10 cash and invest it in anything you want (ebay... stocks... whatever...) and the person with the most cash at the end of the period wins the CC pot (10cc or more entry fee) + 300cc (put up by me).

    No real money is awarded to the winner, just CardCash.

    - Share everything. At the end of the period, we must know EXACTLY how you came up with your final dollar amount.
    - No other funds can be used other than your own (no pooling).
    - You cannot use more than your current "bankroll" at any point ("borrowing" from yourself or anybody else).
    - No conceptual investments, this is for real.
    - Online gambling is off-limits (poker, sports wagering, Black Jack, etc.) for this contest.

    Entry Fee:
    10cc or more (but be generous to make it fun). Entry fee is due to me prior to May 12.

    The winner will be the user with the highest bankroll at the end of the period (don't forget to deduct expenses like ebay fees, etc.).

    May 12, 2004 to June 14, 2004.

    HONESTY is very important here, and if we have any reason to believe you have lied about your investment(s), you will not be declared the winner.

    More information:
    This simple concept comes from the website If you have any questions about the contest, ask them here. Also feel free to keep us up to date on your progress here, just remember that at the end of the period, to be eligible for the prize, you must outline in detail all of your investments.

    Don't bother looking for loopholes, I reserve the right to modify the rules to eliminate cheaters.

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    if we get 4 members ill join and donate 200 CC to top prize


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    Can we do this with Texas Hold'em?
    I play online poker, and make enough to fill some of my card desires.

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    pr0phet - Cool. I hope we get enough to join. 2 committments thus far (you and me).

    kariya18 - I'm going to go out on a limb and say online gambling is off limits for this contest. Two reasons for this: 1) It's easy to lie about (I'm not accusing you of potentially lying, just that someone could) and 2) Although noone has been charged yet in the U.S. for playing poker online, the U.S. Justice Dept. has declared it illegal (wether or not it will hold up in court is a different story).

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    When does the contest start and end?

    Can I count Bodog if I show the trail and "share everything" I can post my bettign reciepts and I will have them all posted on this thread and to the public before any of the games start. PLMK. If I can do this, Ill add in 100CC also
    I collect:
    NY Giants (especially Eli Manning, Evan Engram, Sterling Sheppard, Landon Collins)
    NFL and NBA Rookies of players that became impact players within their sports.
    Unlike many collectors, I am not big on Game Used cards. Will gladly trade GU cards for RCS!

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    That's cool, and I didn't know about the thing in the US. Luckily I live in Canada (unless there is a law for that as well).

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    cardbuyer66 - It starts on May 10 and ends June 14.
    I don't think it would be fair to allow sports wagering and not other types of gambling, and it should also be noted that wagering on sports on the Internet in the U.S. (outside of Nevada) is also illegal.

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    If I understand corrctly entry fee is 10 cc min, donate to edgeman, Now? I'm in so when details are final I'll donate. Buying stock at 10 bucks is an interesting idea, but severely limits choice of stocks to buy a full share, particularly at a $3 tranaction fee. I'm not a big investor, but don't know a lot of cheap options for odd lots.

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    keithmcm - Buying stocks was a only a suggestion I made with a bit of sarcasm behind it, because I realize there are few stocks and transaction fees that will fit under the $10 initial investment cap.

    All - Feel free to send entry fee at any time prior to May 10 (this includes right now). If you want to pull out (before May 10)because of some rule change you don't like, I'll refund your CC. I need people to send CC and commit because so many other people are waiting for a certain number of commitments before they commit. It's like the 'chicken or the egg' dillema.

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    hmm this is for real.. if donations have to go by paypal.. im screwed

    I thought it was like fake stock game LOL..

    do we donate by paypal??

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