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Thread: WTTF: Rolen RC!

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    WTTF: Rolen RC!

    lmk if u have one. need one badly! i have a 1993 topps gold jeter rc to trade and also a bunch of other rc's. please lmk if u have one.... thanks!

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    pujolsfan...not to be a jerk..but i saw some graded one going on ebay for like 2 n 3 dollars...i saw regular rookie cards not graded with out bids going for a penny with like a half hour left might wanna check that out...just lettin ya know
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    yep no problem....i was just looking at his stuff today so i thought id let u know that...and what are u looking for for the jeter rc just a questions since im going to yankees stadium in a month or so
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    i dont really think so lol....ill keep u in mind though....if i come across a good card

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