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Thread: Hamels or lloyds

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    Hamels or lloyds

    Does anyone have any hammels or llyods for trade or sale.

    and does anyone have any extra marlon bryds they might sase me or sell for a couple for a buck or somethin

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    I have Hamels BCDP Refractor Rc. Tons of Regular BCDP and Regular BDP Rcs.

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    Lloyd? Are you looking for Brandon Lloyd? Please let me know. Thanks. Michael

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    Borch...what are u looking for ..for some of them cards sale or trade.....

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    I have 2 03 bowman Hamels Autos, Bowman draft RC, Bowman Draft Gold RC, Topps RC, Topps Gold RC #ed to 2003 all Hamels.....lmk if your interested.

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    myers im interested.....lmk what they book and how much u want...also if u have any Byrd cards lmk

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    The auto books 30, Topps is 0.75, Topps Gold is 6.00, Bowman Draft is 5.00 and Bowman Draft Gold is 8.00. I think i have a few byrd Rc's lying around.....I know I have a 02 Leaf Gold Leaf RC's insert BV 4 and a 03 Topps Total Auto BV 15.....Do you have a list of autos, GU or Rc's to trade.

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    umm look at my other post...i have an abreau card i got auto in person..i have the ticket stub and all if u interested

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    Really not into Abreu.....have anything else?

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    i just pulled an anderson Machado Rc.......2002 MVP........umm i got some gu's in my post thats currently near the bottom of page 1..umm that pretty much it im just trying to restart a phills collection

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