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Thread: 2003-04 Pristine Box Break

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    2003-04 Pristine Box Break

    I got a box yesterday. Semewhat just wondering how I did. But then again I think I did ok cause Im trying to build the set and only got 2 doubles.

    Auto Redemption
    Chris Bosh
    (which sucks cause Im moving end of may and I dont know my new address. So i have to wait to send it in)

    Gold Refr.....
    Eric Snow 64 #08/99

    Shawn Marion
    Dan Dickau
    Mickael Pietrus
    Antoine Walker
    TIm Duncan

    Unc Refr.....
    Dwyane Wade /499
    Travis Hansen /1999
    Troy Bell /1999
    Boris Diaw /1999
    Paul Pierce /149

    shawn marion

    Base Cards
    Carmelo Anthony

    now I have 20 unc refractors Im trying to complete a set. I know I still have a looong way to go, but its cool.

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