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    I have a questions??? PLEASE ANSWER

    OK i got 144 dollasr to spend..i am newer to collecting.....i need to know what box/boxes i should buy with this..give me some ideas of boxes that ic ant go wrong with...thanks

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    fleer authentix sell 60 to 70
    i personly got some good cards one a quad gu card bv 50 if you get a lebron balcony it's worth 150

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    fleer platinum rack box (4 autos-$90 DLVD on Ebay), topps pristine ($115 DLVD Ebay-5 game used, 1 auto # rookies, possibly more), topps bazooka ($30-$50 DLVD Ebay 3 Jerseys tons of rookies with lots of variations) Those are my suggestions especially if you are trying to make your money back.

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