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    Thumbs up NEED HELP

    I got 144 dollars..i am sorta new...what box of cards should i buy where i am going to get my moneys worth...opinions please?? thanks

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    I'd go with Finest or SPX or chrome. Stay away from SP Signatures, ultimate collection (toooo much!!), and the cheap brands like topps, victory, mvp, skybox, bazooka etc...

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    topps jersey edition.all packs have gu,rc or auto,

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    The site i am at i can buy the 2003-2004 Topps Chrome for a bout the same as the SP Authentic...maybe a 5 dollar different.....But eveyrbody is sayin buy sp authentic...i am really confused

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    it's not the best box but had some good pulls fleer authentix i think there going about 60 or 70 not bad considering you can buy two

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    If you want to get yourr money's worth dont buy a box lol. The truth put aside I would suggest buying a 2004 Fleer Platinum rack pack box (you are gaurenteed 4 sweet looking autos and boxes are going for about $90 DLVD on ebay) With the left over money I would buy a topps Bazooka box (you get 3 jerseys some # as low as twenty five and are patches plus a shot at a carmelo auto) You also will get on average about 3-10 Lebron and Carmelo rookies all different types. My 2 pesos

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