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    1/1 diamond king pulled tonight

    well i went to my local card shop tonight b/c the braves played a day game and i had $20 to spend......i got there and opened a couple packs of 04 fleer patchworks and didnt get anything, an 04 sage hit didnt get anything, the card shop owner and i are good friends so she was opening packs too she didnt get anything, and then she said as usual "ahhhh i better quit", and then she picked up a pack of 04 diamond kings and opened it i was standing there and she went to the 3rd card and i saw it b4 she realized it and said "ooooh no", 1/1, she flipped it over and it was a jeremy bonderman dual jersey 1/1!!!!!!!!! she has owned the cardshop for 10+++++ opened probably thousands of dollars in packs and it was her first one of one!!!!! we had been talkin about for the past few weeks she had never pulled a 1/1 and only 4 had been pulled in her store.......anyways im trying to trade for it LOL, but shes gonna hold onto it for a while, anyways there was like 2 packs left she opened one and didnt get anything......and i stared at that last pack........and opened it hoping i would ride her lighting lol all i got was a greg maddux flashback (but hey it was worth a try right???)

    anyways thanks for reading!!!!!

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    Very nice Pull. Wish I could pull something like that. Hopefullly I get my first one of one soon.

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    That is a nice pulls. Card shop owners get all the luck, lol.

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