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Thread: another stupid "1/1" auction

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    another stupid "1/1" auction

    "If your a big fan of basketball,you'll know that...."

    Dont miss this 1/1. Will be worth hundreds

    And yes im being sarcastic, any less experienced members dont buy this card! :-)

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    If thats a 1/1 then mine is

    Tim Couch / D. McNabb 02 Fleer Hot Prospects "Class Of 99 Materials" Dual Jersey #TC-DM #'d 099/375

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    Geez thats the silliest 1 of 1 i have ever seen. Based on this I bet I could find a 1 of 1 reason for most of my serial numbered cards. I mean there are always birthdays, draft years, jersey numbers, heck if you dig into stats i bet some of those will line up too.

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    That is one of the stupidest 1/1 auctions i have ever seen. This 1/1 stuf is out of hand on Ebay. We all know this guy did this for advertising purposes but obviously he does not know a thing about how people search on ebay he would have ben far better off using words like game used, spelling out JERSEY etc.

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    it's not one of one unless it's serial says it what person would ever say that

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    Geez, that makes my 2000/01 Shaq Ultimate Victory Red parallel a 1/1. It's numbered 32/350. If you didn't know, Shaq scored 32 last game, lol.

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    man the only cards i will put on ebay as a 1/1 is a true 1/1

    ps i wouldnt buy anyhting from that guy he has a lot of neg feedback most of the time he just took the persons money and ran

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