The SCF IM is a VIP Membership addition. To use the SCF IM system you must enable pop-ups on SCF or you will block the IM window.

To use the SCF IM System simply go to the second navigation bar at the top of SCF and click on SCF IM (in between Live Chat and Member List).

A small window will pop up with the available users to chat with using the IM system. Simply click on the user name and select IM. You can also add them as a friend or view their SCF profile.

After selecting the username you will see a new IM screen. This is a private chat between you and that user. Depending on your internet speed it may take 10+ seconds to load so please be patient. Once loaded, you will see their basic details, avatar and a standard chat area.

Simply type in the chat box and hit send. You can also edit the appearance of your text (Bold, Italics or underline) by clicking the T near the smilely face.

You can also add smiles, play games or place yourself in an "away" status by sliding the status bar to the left (near the send button). Your status will go from green to red.

Additionally you can click on the "Send A/V" button to start sending your webcam or start using your microphone.

You can also use the IM system while in the chat room. Click on the users name on the left side (chat rooms) and then click in the IM button at the bottom left of the chat room. The IM private chat will start.

Thanks to all of our current VIP Members who make our upgrades possible!