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    Topps Jersey Edition Pack Break

    I opened one pack of jersey edition all are for trade or sell here is what I got....

    Ron Mercer jersey serial numbered card 20/99
    Dirk Nowitzki regular jersey card

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    stalking_WOLF_21 but they are guranteed to have two jersey cards no matter what

    mfweiland I paid $10 for the one pack of topps jersey edition

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    at what card shop in Sac, my parents live there and I used 2. $10 is a very very good deal. You do not want to know what I am paying down here in the south. I would have already bought like 20 packs if I were you lol

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    i know that it;s nice because you are for sure getting two gu

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    thats an amazing price. retail in most places is $22

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    mfweiland its sort of a friend only price not public if you know what I mean I have a friend that owns a card shop. Also I have purchased a few things through ebay and found for jersey edition its pretty reasonable too.

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