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Thread: MP3 player for cards?

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    MP3 player for cards?

    I have a MP3 player that some one got me, I have never opened it. Its nice but I really have no use for it. Here is the description, its a Nomad Muvo NX 256 mb. It also has headphones. I have been told that its a nice player and it has pleanty of memory. I won't be able to check in till later. Thanks

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    i'm interested. also you never got back with me on the 2 cards i liked on your thread.

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    Lefty- Sorry I didn't see anything I could use.
    Pojols- Sorry I have been trying to finish others trades, in fact someone else had asked for Colone and the trade should be done tonight. The Dunn card might be free again. I will let you know about that.

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    Luke-Sorry didn't see much

    Fairbc- I like the Yogi auto, do you have any Ripken or Gwynn not listed. The MP3 is about 150.00

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    NM, Thats too much for me for only a 256MB.

    Thanks though

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