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Thread: huge Wantlist LOOK!

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    huge Wantlist LOOK!

    i need all of these

    02/03 ud inspirations rc autos #/1600

    01/02 fleer premium premium performers gu

    tayshaun prince everything

    brendan haywood everything

    kevin garnett autos rc's gu and #/numbured cards that i don't have thanks

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    all so need
    north carolina tarheels only in uni

    thanks and look at my tradelist

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    hi i guess you got the cards i just bought a box of 1989 north carolina collegiate greats i bought it since their were many laker players in the set like JR reid, Worthy, and so on i have a tun of stuff left lmk if you need any of that thanks and plmk thanks

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    sorry left you feedback yeah i need the big name players that made the NBA

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    I have a Kmart/Haslip dual sig #ed 399/1600. Iwould let go for $12.00 DLVD. PLMK and thanks Mark

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    I could give you the Frank Williams Inspirations Auto/RC, Prince Finite #ed and some CC for the Fizer...

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    what does the williams and prince book i'll check your site

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    only looking for
    02/03 ud inspirations rc autos not the dual one
    and besides why would you sell it for that much what is it worth like 12 to 20 dollars

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