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Thread: best defensive player

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    best defensive player

    who do you think is the best defensive player in the nba? i have to say kedrick brown for the cletics (did u see him stuff tim duncan last year?) he has the quickest hands and feet ive seen

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    ben wallace!!

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    Wallace has to be the best... he's like Rodman except for the flamboyant style.

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    Wallace and artest but wallace is going 2 get it becase artest is playing dirty and he been geting suspended everyday

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    The best defender in the League is Kevin Garnett. Nobody, save Malik Rose, can guard the range of positions that Garnett can. Wallace is an unbelievable help defender, but a pourous one-on-one defender. Artest is a great defender, probably the best at shutting down 2s and 3s, but he doesn't have the range to stop a point guard, center, or power forward the way that Garnett does.

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    Not sure who the best is, but I'd take Ben Wallace

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    l would have to say that the best Defensive Player in the NBA is Ben Wallace. He can rebound, and block shots. He is like Rodman. So i would say that Wallace is the best in the NBA right now

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