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Thread: pack pulls

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    pack pulls

    03-04 Pristine
    rc refractor #189 of knicks rc Maciej Lampe serial #054/499.
    "Pristine Generals" #PG-MD of Mike Dunleavy Jr. gu.
    "Personal Signatures" #PEA-NC of Nick Collission.
    03-04 UD Rookie Exclusives
    rc gu #J2 "Star Rookie" of Darko Milicic.
    lmk if interested in buying or trade.

  2. Kronozio
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    "Personal Signatures" #PEA-NC of Nick Collission.
    what do you want for this

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    bv is $25 in the old beckett I have. This card is at least a 9 very nice card, put right into hard case. Would sell $15 delivered (because so nice) in bubble wrapped envelope. consider trade for other 03-04 rookie really like bowman signature stuff.

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    i think a maybe getting a bowman sig auto sorry 15 delivered is to much

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    No problem I understand. Just such a nice looking auto, I might change my mind in a few days. I usually sell 40-55% of bv.

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