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Thread: Tons of Pack Breaks..All $0.08

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    Tons of Pack Breaks..All $0.08

    Pack breaks that I made yesterday that I need to get rid of. I spent $10 on the box and don’t think I made out too well. Oh well! That’s part of pack breaking!-Most of the cards (common cards) I’ll sell for $0.08 a piece, so 12 cards for $1. Shipping is a SASE or $1 added to the total. Thanks, and please help me out. –Danny

    -2001 Royal Rookies Futures-

    4-Jared Abruzzo
    8-Todd Rizzo
    16-Miguel Cabrera (Need $0.10)
    17-Jose Castillo
    21-Brett Jodie

    -2002 Fleer Greats-

    2-P. Molitor (Need $0.10)
    5-T. Speaker (Need $0.10)
    14-R. Campanella (Need $0.10)
    51-L. Grove (Need $0.10)
    64-F. Howard (Need $0.10)
    81-N. Lajoie (Need $0.10)
    85-R. Jackson (Need $0.10)
    94-R. Kiner (Need $0.10)
    95-Tony Perez (Need $0.10)
    98-Bill Terry (Need $0.10)

    -2003 Donruss-

    4-G. Maddux (DK)
    10-R. Johnson (DK)
    56-M. Wylie (Rated Rookie)
    110-R. Durham
    115-R. Clayton
    129-M. Rivera
    150-D. Mohr
    241-G. Sheffield
    248-K. Wood
    356-J. Kendall
    377-R. Aurilia
    391-A. Pujols (need $0.15)
    399-E. Marrero

    -2003 Fleer Genuine-

    4-A. Huff
    8-K. Brown
    17-C. Pena
    21-E. Alfonzo
    22-M. Sweeney
    35-N. Garciaparra (Need $0.10)
    53-J. Thome
    60-O. Vizquel
    69-D. Erstad
    70-R. Clemens (Need $0.10)
    80-E. Chavez
    84-T. Helton
    89-T. Hunter
    97-C. Floyd

    -2003 Leaf-

    7-T. Salmon
    15-R. Lopez
    26-S. Hillenbrand
    55-A.J. Pierzynski
    62-E. Guardado
    69-D. Jeter (Need $0.15)
    80-D. Justice
    236-B. Santiago
    277-K. Cash (2003 Rookie)
    287-J. Bonifay (2003 Rookie)

    -2003 Topps-

    401-E. Byrnes
    423-J. Kennedy
    433-T. Hunter
    440-A. Hyzdu
    550-M. Ramirez
    579-K. Foulke
    602-R. Drese
    656-St. Louis Cardinals Team
    663-E. Bastida-Martinez (1st Year Card)
    698-S. Rolen

    -2003 Upper Deck-

    345-B. Higginson
    350-M. Anderson
    418-S. Finley
    431-D. Dreifort
    449-J. Pierre
    473-K. Millwood
    505-M. Kata (Star Rookie)
    -Superior Sluggers Insert: Ted Williams #SS15 (Need $3.00)

    -2003 Upper Deck 40 Man-

    87-R. Ordonez
    95-T. Harper
    134-C. Guillen
    245-B. Berger
    319-C. Patterson (2003 UD Vintage Insert)
    331-D. Wells
    381-K. Saarloos
    433-A. Sanchez
    848-D. Jeter
    983-Milwaukee Brewers Team Checklist

    -2003 Upper Deck MVP-

    10-C. Schilling
    13-M. Grace
    61-B. Phillips
    105-B. Jordan
    107-R. Sexson
    108-B. Sheets
    161-A. Ramirez
    201-A. Huff
    -2003 Upper Deck Victory-

    9-A. Jones
    49-V. Guerrero
    58-M. Mussina
    74-A. Ramirez
    113-R. Palmiero
    -Tier 2 Green: M. McGwire #88 (Need $0.50)

    -2004 Fleer Authentix-

    5-T. Glavine
    6-K. Wood
    7-I. Suzuki (need $0.10)
    8-J. Vidro
    14-L. Berkman
    21-B. Boone
    28-J. Posada
    36-E. Martinez
    41-R. Johnson
    47-C. Beltran
    54-R. Oswalt
    58-L. Gonzalez
    59-B. Wagner
    72-R. Halladay
    75-S. Rolen
    88-R. Palmiero
    96-G. Anderson
    97-M. Mulder
    98-O. Vizquel
    99-H. Blalock

    -2004 Upper Deck-

    24-R. Hammock (Star Rookies)
    75-T. Batista
    76-J. Gibbons
    79-G. Gil
    122-Jos. Valentin
    178-C. Counsell
    197-W. Cordero
    198-B. Wilkerson
    -Mastui Chronicles: #HM32

    Let Me Know What You Need!!!


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    if youve got any josh willingham i will buy them, what ever happened to our trade on that giles auto?

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    bravesfan--..i wanted the Nomar 5 Color Patch, and you wouldnt do it for the Giles + Maddux. You'd only do the three color patch..i was interested only in the 5

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