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Thread: I need all Iowa Hawkeye RC's

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    I need all Iowa Hawkeye RC's

    I need all former Iowa Hawkeye RC's from as fair back as any one has some to present. Also need Senecca Wallace RC's. Not looking to trade much for them, because they aren't for me they are for a kid that I work with at the youth care center.


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    friends got a senaca Sweet Spot Gold Auto /25

    I've got senaca Fleer Platinum Glossy/100 ($15)
    Topps Black /150 ($20)
    as well as
    Topps All-american ($6)

    $20 shipped for my two? I could get my friends if needed.

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    i am sending the following:
    2003 Press Pass #1 Brad Banks & #36Eric Steinbach

    I got your addy from the other post please send me any common bears or any player in Illinois uniform to:

    Heath Sloan
    8475 Grove Ave
    Norfolk, VA. 34503

    please post "trade" and PM link to me--I am kinda new here and can use the feedback.......



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    what do you think about my three? and when i said my two, i meant three, i found one and edited it later.

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    I can't afford to buy them. They are for a kid at the youth care facility I work at.....


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