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Thread: Mailday-Breakdown!

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    "OFFICIAL" Mailday-Breakdown!

    Hi i want to ask if we can make a Mailday-Breakdown for each month!
    Each member can post his/her cards with a scan(or without)in this Thread so that everyone can see what other members get!ALL RIGHT?

    We can vote!

    I think its a good idea!

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    Rival- You will probably get a better response if you take up your idea with a mod. Then it would go through the neccesary steps to be put into action.


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    I like the idea. Everyone could just keep editing there post with a new date and cards received. GO MAILDAY POST!!!!!!!!!!!

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    just go two autos

    michael peirtrus ud sweet shot auto
    travis hansen bowman auto

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    Ok we can do it here in this Thread!

    so today i got:

    03-04 Fleer Patchworks RC /799 Luke Walton

    and this Beauty:

    03-04 Fleer Patchworks patch/100 4 color Mike Bibby
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    ok..then i will also post my breakdown:D

    02-03 ultimate collection buyback kobe bryant (autographed on his 99-00 spx basecard).....numbered 8/8 - Jerseynumber!!!![:D]

    this is my second kobe bryant buyback that is numbered 8/8 (jerseynumber)[8D]

    thx to ebay

    and my most wanted kobe bryant card...:

    96-97 topp chrome refractor rc kobe bryant #138 (1500$ BV)

    this is my kobe bryant dream card....the card is in a really good condition
    the card is very rare and i am very glad to have it.[:)]

    thx to a member of another board


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    hey nice mail day i see rival has started some thing pretty cool good idea
    croatiantwins hhave any haywoods

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    @stalking wolves
    my newer haywood cards are:
    01-02 spx spectrum parallel rc haywood 03/25 (jerseynumber) and
    01-02 flight team rc brendan haywood /500..graded PSA 10!!
    but they are not for trade cause i collect his rc cards. is a cool idea by rival......sometradingcardboards have such a mailday thread.
    im am sure that it will work also on that forum


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