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Thread: Dajuan Wagner GU FT:

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    Dajuan Wagner GU FT:

    Up for trade is a upper deck Dajuan Wagner GU card [warm up jersey] I want to trade this for something in football..let me know

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    yeah here it is
    2002 ud xl super swatch kevin johnson #/400

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    I just looked and BV is 10 bucks for it maybe you can throw another card in to make it a even trade with BV for around 3-4 dollars. A insert or something i duno...Just amke sure its footbal if you have

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    You know what man....Dont worrie about it..ill do johnson for wagner...if you want..but if you can try to find me some Justin fargas/Teyo Johnson or tuiasosopo rookie or insert cards..but if you cant its fine and if you want to send something extra go ahead but im not sweatin it mjust thought i would make it fair..just PM me your address..I will do the same and we can send tomorrow [Thursday] thanks

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