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Thread: Need Vlad

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    Need Vlad

    I need all Vladimir Guerrero commons and autographs game used and even inserts. Please hook me up I only have five cards. One fortunatley is very nice though, please help...


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    vlad cards

    I Have Vladimir cards:

    2003 Fleer Platinum Heart of The Order #HO13
    2003 Upperdeck sportsnuts unscratched
    2001 Ultra Power Plus
    2000 Fleer Focus Focal Points
    2000 Finest Going the Distance
    2001 Fleer Futures

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    I need them all you wouldnt be intersted in card cash would you? Probally not, but I would really want to do that 2-3 for 9 cc would be great for me, but let me know what you think

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    i could use this:
    2003 Honor Role Dean's List Albert Pujols (the little P is a picture which is filled in with a white Jeresey.)
    i have one vlad gu and a bunch of base cards.......lmk

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    I have a Vlad Guerrero 2004 TIMELESS TREASURES GAME USED BAT CARD GDM-13 #D 96/99. It's a piece of the bat he used in the 1999 All-Star Game. It's in mint condition, I just pulled it 2 days ago. I pulled it out of a seal tin box that only contains 1 pack with 4 cards in it! PM me if you're interested.

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    What's the book value on your vlad game used, I was looking for an autograph for that, sweet card

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    I checked Becketts online and I don't think there is pricing out on it yet. If you'd like, PM me your email address and I'll send you front and back pictures of it.


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    Before I email you, could you tell me if your intersted in any of my stuff

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    I have a Platinum Lumberjacks Vlad Bat ($15)...looking for rc's or autos of equal BV

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