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Thread: Rookie Matrix Box

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    Rookie Matrix Box

    I got another Rookie Matrix box... not as good as the last one where I got the Carmelo Lottery Draft..
    I got a Josh Howard Rookie Framed Card
    Two Rookie Triples w/ Lebron James
    Some good base cards like Kobe, Pippen, and Francis.
    I also picked up 2 packs of Patchworks..
    I got a Yao Ming Courting Greatness Card ..
    Overall Nothing really good..
    I was going to buy one of those 2 card jersey packs but I wasn't sure if those are any good? Do you automatically get 2 jersey cards?

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    You mean Topps Jersey Edition? If so, yes you get 2 game-used. It's an ok set, but kinda spendy.

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    I agree but you are guarentted 2 jerseys and you have a lot of chances for some really good stuff

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    Is the Matrix box worth it to buy?, i been collecting the wade cards on ebay but i was wondering about buying a box for the hell of it to see what i get out it lol, thanks

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    I would say no. You will probably get some nice triple RC's with Wade on it. I got 2 framed rookies, auto and a GU. You can get a box for like $42 shipped from eBay.

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    True, but like i do with any good cards i get from boxes, gu/auto/3'rd cards i sell them on ebay and use the money to get cards i really want lol, i have no luck whatsoever to get players i collect in autos, etc. I usually get a bunch of base/inserts that i do collect also but anything good i want i usually have to get them in eBay lol, thnxs

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    Aznbala I got a Topps Dwayne Wade ROokie card, PM me if interested

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