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    Many cards FT/FS!!! Complete Wantlist!

    :hop: I have the following cards FT/FS:

    NFTs = Not For Trade

    I am looking to sell for cash or paypal or trade for all Latrell Sprewell, Jason Richardson, and T.J. Ford Game-Used, Autographed, and low serial numbered cards. :hop:

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    Hey I got som Sprewell and richardson gu and some T.J> Ford numbered cards cards you might want check my site for them but I am interested in trading for these cards

    03-04 SP Authentics Travis Outlaw Auto #54/100
    03-04 Finite Dual Warm-Ups Magic Johnson(Yellow)/Julius Erving(Blue)

    Heres what I have of those three players
    T.J. Ford SPX Rc 276/2999 bv 10
    T.J Ford 677/1500 bv 6
    03-04 Hoops Hot Materials Jason Richarson GU 420/500 BV 12
    03-04 BLack Diamond Gu Jason Richardson Bv 12
    03-04 UD Glass Jason Richardson Superlative Swatch BV 12
    03-04 Pristine Factor GU Sprewell BV 12
    But check my site for anything else you might want other than those players

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    umm the outlaw only books only a little over 20 how is that even remotely fair?

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    i need this plmk thanks
    03-04 Finite Level 3 Rookie Brian Cook #1012/1500

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    battie4 - i think that the outlaw would book for way over 20 because it is a RC and its auto and its #d only to 100, so i think it would be fair.

    deveandepot1 - sorry but i dont see anything i would like from you

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    Umm do u have a beckettt? Cause pricing just came out for that and the Outlaw books 22.50 so I dont know what you are thinking and if you dont know waht your doing I dont want to trade for your cards anymore

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    have 03-04 Jason Richardson Fleer Authentix jersey. Check my site for my wants or make offer.

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