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Thread: Who is this guy????HELP

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    Question Who is this guy????HELP

    I have a 2001 Donruss Elite Status Card #ered /4. Its of a guy named Reggie White. Its not the legendary DE, its a RB for the Jets it says on the card. Anyone know who this guy is or collect him? thanks. That card is a super rare rookie if anyone is interesetd. thanks

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    Not interested in the card, but he was a 2001 undrafted free agent that was picked up by the Jets and I believe he is now on the Packers roster.

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    Thanks for the help

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    I'm interested in it. What do you want for it?

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    what do you have to offer? how much do you want to trade for it?

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    Was this an insert you got out of a pack? I'd just like to make sure before trading for it. If it is out of a pack, It's worth about $25 according to the Tuff Stuff Price Guide.

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    WEll, i dont wanna trade it at 25 sorry. Its numbered to 4, so i dont see why it can be priced. let me kniow I bought it off ebay, not out of pack, Its not an insert, its a parrallel, Its called Status.

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    strongdude85 - just for your info. On Beckett on-line, anything under 10 is not priced do to it being so scarce. Your card is listed, but it doesn't have a set price.

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    ok, so what would you estimate its value at?

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    Looking at the prices of cards numbered between 10 and 18 for a player who is a yearly free agent or didn't make a team. People of his stature were booking at $20.00. So since it is numbered to only 4. I would guess between $25.00 and $35.00.

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