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Thread: Autograph Contest :o)

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    Smile Autograph Contest :o)

    Heyas everyone. I was flipping through some cards that I rarely look at the other day and came across a couple Baseball autograph cards. Since I don't collect Baseball I figured what tha hay, lets have a little contest. hehe. All of my same rules apply to the contest. The first one with all of the questions answered correctly will win. No editing of posts for any reason is allowed. Only one post with your answers is allowed, so if you forget to answer a question, sorry. There are going to be only 6 questions this time arouns. Ohh yeah. here are the auto's up for grabs. hehe:

    1996 Donnie Sadler Best Autograph (blue auto)
    1997 Mike Thurman Best Autograph (blue auto)

    And here are the questions:

    1) On the Thurman card, what team uniform is he wearing?

    2) On the Sadler card, What team uniform is he wearing?

    3) True or False: The Thurman card has Best Prospects written on the front of the card.

    4) True or False: Sadler played for both the Redsox and Reds.

    5) What position did Thurman play when he was with the Yankees?

    6) What round of the amateur draft was Sadler drafted in?

    Welp there ya have it. Good luck to you all and bring on your answers. :)


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    1. Expos
    2. Michigan
    3. True
    4. True
    5. Relief Pitcher
    6. 10th

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    Heyas everyone. It was a close one but we have ourselves a winner. minew_m was able to come up with the correct answers for all the questions. Thanks to everyone that put their answers in and till next contest, take care and have a safe one. :)


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    Originally posted by minew_m
    lol, cool I guess I won again!
    Pretty soon I am gonna have to make these contests a bit harder to give some other people a chance to win. hehe. Congrats again and I should have the cards out in the mail today. Till next contest take care and have a safe one as always. :)


    P.S. I already have you address for if you could not remember. hehe. :)

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