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    Any1 interested in buying boxes?

    i have 2003 fleer box score baseball hobby boxes for $43 dlvd each. let me know. its a great box. you get a set that comes with atleast 1 game used card in it and in the 20 packs you get about 2 to 3 game used cards.

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    doesn't the box score have a team logo on the box so you know what set you are getting inside? I got a box of that and it was a Yankees team set w/ Yankees GU card

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    o maybe i never looked at one like that. the boxes are at work so i cant see them now

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    The one I got had a little sticker on the box that said it was a Yankees team box. They also had a Braves one when I got mine but I do not like the Braves

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    no they dont, most have jeter on the top, but that doesnt influence what box is inside, as i had the all star box in mine..

    hey DAT, you still havent left me ebay feedback man.

    nevermind, i see you left it this morning, thanks
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  10. #10, same name at ebay. i bought a box of boxscore from you..
    great shipping man, only took 2 days.. thanks again
    ill be looking for you when i get more cash..

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