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    Very Nice Basbell g/u autos For Trade

    Heres my new Trade list:

    Dontrelle Willis 04 Leaf 2-color jersey card: bv?
    Mark Mulder 04 Cracker Jack 1,2,3 Strikes your out jersey card: bv?
    Gary Carter 04 Topps series 2 Series Stitches jersey card: bv?
    Bob Feller 03 Donruss Signatures Legends of the Summer Century auto/100: bv 40
    Ken Griffey Jr. 04 UD Vintage Stellar Stat Men jersey card: bv 15-20

    Tell me what you like and what you would give THANKS!

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    Hi, welcome to the site ! I need the Griffey. It does book for $15. What or who exactly are you looking for ? You can click the "www" button at the bottom of my post & check out my site & see if there's something you'd want for it.

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    whats the bv on your 2002 Leaf Certified Mirror Blue # 57 Ron Dayne #'d 10/50 (blue mesh)

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    The Dayne is $30. If you're interested, we can try to work out a bigger deal. I'd also be interested in the Feller auto & possibly the Willis jersey and Carter jersey.

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    I also like these 2

    Donruss Timelines Call to the Hall Material
    Nolan Ryan # CH-16 (white)
    Reggie Jackson # CH-19 (bat)

    beckett has them at:


    here are the links:
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    I need the willis..take a look at my guess is probably $10-$15 in book value. His GU arent that much

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    I am very interested in this:
    Dontrelle Willis 04 Leaf 2-color jersey card: bv?

    Please check out my site and see if anything interests you. Also, PLMK how much you'll sell for.


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    dannyboy: i am interested in your dual g/u nomar manny connections card

    interested in both your anquan boldin g/u cards and i would take 5$ + 1 s&h
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    I am willing to the trade the Bowman's Best Boldin. However, like dannyboy said, the Willis probably books 10-15, while the Boldin books $20. PLMK if you have any other cards of the guys in my sig.


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