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    Looking for: 2 Clemens and 1 R.Johnson GU

    I'm looking for 2 Roger Clemens GU cards and 1 or 2 Randy Johnson GU cards. These are for a certain collection I'm trying to make. I'm getting 1 GU or auto card for every player who has won the Cy Young award in the last 5 years. Randy won it 4 times, so i needed to get 4 of his cards. Now I only need 2 Roger Clemens and 1 Randy to complete this. It doesn't matter to me the design of the card that much, and I will trade or buy.

    Thanks a lot,

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    ive got some johnson g/u on my site, a 3color nameplate and an 04 fleer authentix jersey 1color

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    The BV is $10 on the Johnson, see anything on my site you like?

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    I have these-

    Roger Clemens
    2002 Upper Deck Honor Role pants card# J-RC2
    2003 Fleer Rookies & Greats The Naturals card# N-RC serial# 357/400 blue str.
    2003 Upper Deck Standing O Starring Role jersey card# SR-RC redemption only/ in hand

    Randy Johnson
    2001 Fleer Platinum RC National Patchtime jersey card# RJ
    2003 Upper Deck Leading Swatches 334 K's jersey card# LS-RJ
    2003 Upper Deck Standing O Starring Role jersey card# SR-RJ redemption only/ in hand

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    I could use any of those. Check my site to see if you see anything and then we can work out a deal


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    ill trade you my 04 fleer platinum randy johson 3 color patch, for your 99 sp beltran

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    i have a clemens 2002 fleer showcase baseballs best. lmk if intertested.

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    Have these if you still need them.....

    2003 EX Behind the Numbers Jersey/w pinstripe 130/199 Yankees
    2003 UD Finite First Class Jersey Yankees
    2003 Fleer Tradition Milestone Jersey Yankees

    2003 Leaf Limited Players Threads Double Jersey/seam DBacks 21/50

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    Bravesfan- Sure, send me a PM
    brandon- Check my site and LMK
    kjwash- Could use any 2 of the Clemens, check my site and LMK.


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    what does 2002 Fleer Triple Crown Mark Prior "Future Stars" Rookie book for. lmk.

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