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Thread: Soriano Fans

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    Soriano Fans

    Brand New card on the way... This is a sweet looking card and with only ten exhisting it's awesome, 2/10... I think I should probally get 50-60 in trade for it

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    What about a Ryan Wagner RC auto #ed/100 BV$30, a Jermaine O'neal jersey with pinstripe BV$20 and Jason Giambi pinstripe jersey BV$15.? PLMK>
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    I've already got a Wagner autograph out of a 100 so thats the big card I'd have to substatute that with something else.. Also I really don't collect basketball, so im not to high on the Jermaine O'Neail gu.... I saw you had 2 topps retired autographs, got any more?

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    NO sorry. I noticed you have the Evans so I dont know. My friend is the one who wants this card. If you want the Giambi PLMK. And PLMK ify ou could find something else from my site:
    Also I really need your Puojls jersey. PLMK the BV.

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    Pujols books 20 the last time I checked.... Also this card is incomming so I can't trade it yet because its on its way to me, but I can make a deal and when It gets here we will trade. Also if you come across any other topps retired I need those

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    I'm looking for them now. If they are not underlined on your page and I got them would you be 100% sure you would trade for them? PLMK.

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    topps Retired? Most Likley that's what this soriano is, but before you buy it or trade for it I would like to know who it is and what you are looking in return for it, by the way my page is outdated so please let me know who you are planinig to pick up I got some new ones

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