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Thread: Charles Woodson Rookies needed

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    Charles Woodson Rookies needed

    I need ALL charles Woodson rookies...let me know what u got a BV for them

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    i have these
    2001 leaf rc and star tuaisosopo rc bv 6
    1998 bowman woodson rc bv 3
    1998 flair showcase row 2 woodson rc bv 4
    1998 sky box thunder woodson rc bv 3


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    woddson rc's:
    98 finest-3
    98 fleer-1.50
    absolute retail-1.50

    also have several rice cards 9,ostly 49er uni). plmk if you need these. thanks.

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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    goingwild18--I need all those all 3 woodson rookies and the tuiasosospo rookie...what would u like in return...What rookie cards you looking for i have A TON of score and press pass rookie cards from the past 2 years. and i also have a few insert's i my site...let me know

    BBonds25----Same thing as i told wild above..I need all and i have a ton of rookies in score and press pass from the past 2 years..let me know what u need

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    hey i'll come off some good raiders cards for the leftwhich seal of approval...what's bv on it?lmk and i'll make up a list....joe(by the way i just got another tui. gu'd rc in the mail yesterday)

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    I need that Tuiasosopo GU rookie..The leftwich BV is 30..let me know what BV for Tuia rookie GU is i need it thanks

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    it's 01 focus rookie premiere jer. BV$20...i'll check and see what t.johnson auto i can get rid of.......joe

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    K..if i have ANYTHING else you like i also need those justin fargas auto's you have all teyo joshson autos you have and REALLY need that tuioasosopo GU you have let me know

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    i'll check your sight over and make up a list of what i'm willin to part with....i'm startin to collect t.brown short print's....joe

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    I have a tim browwn card /250
    thats about it for brown..but yea let me know what u like cuz i need those that i listed

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