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Thread: Pat Tillman

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    Pat Tillman

    Hey, I've found 2 Pat Tillman cards so far and expect I have a few more...

    01 Fleer Tradition Unsung Heroes
    01 Upperdeck MVP

    Not sure if I'll trade these right now but make an offer if your interested, Thanks

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    I collect Phillies and Eagles mostly...If you have the new beckett you know that these cards are #1 on the hotlist and are said to be going around $15-30 a piece. I just wanted to see what was offered to me though, let me know if your interested

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    I don't have an exact number in mind but would need to be good... Just make an offer if your interested

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    Current online Beckett:

    01 Fleer Tradition Unsung Heroes BV $0.25

    01 Upperdeck MVP BV $0.20

    But you're right, they are selling for that much on

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    I may just wait till the prices go back down. I thought the rush for these may have been over.

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