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Thread: Went to the Card Shop

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    Went to the Card Shop

    I went to the card shop today a got a few packs. Nothing great, I spent about $45. Here are the pulls;

    Topps Chrome (2 Packs)

    Glenn Robinson
    Darius Miles
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Eric William

    Jarvis Hayes Ref.
    Troy Bell
    Maciej Lampe

    Tony Parker :-)

    Finite (4 Packs)

    Tim Thomas Gold #/100
    David Wesley #/1999
    Nene #/1999
    Jeff Malone #/2999
    Tyron Lue #/2999
    Steve Francis #/2999
    Kurt Thomas #/2999
    Pat Garrity #/2999
    Damon Stoudamire #/2999

    Jarvis Hayes Prominent Powers rc #/500
    Major Factors #/1000 Andre Miller and Grant Hill

    Richard Jefferson/Kenyon Martin Finite Elements

    Everything is for trade except for the 03-04 Topps Chrome rc's

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    hey superman, i pm you before for the trade about Kaman Fleer Crystal #ed/125, do you still want it?

    i would like to have the G.Hill major factor plus something for the trade.


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    Yeah I'll do the Hill and the Garrity and the Lue ( magic players)

    for the kaman

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    i want the Hill but not others, sorry

    do you have any other Hill cards?
    or T.Outlaw, Ebi
    add for the trade?

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