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    Jay Gibbons RC Auto (maybe for trade)

    I have this nice Jay Gibbons card that I might trade:

    2001 Donruss Signature Century Marks Jay Gibbons Rookie Autograph card serial number 128/175..... bv $25.00.

    I am looking for another Rookie Autograph card in trade.

    Please let me know.


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    i definely need it...i have a Moose Skowron auto BV$25 and a Danny Carter Auto i can give you for it

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    Hey ryanfan03, Sorry but I do not need ether card that you listed.
    What else do you have?

    Please let me know.



    Hey ACBaseball30, The only Autos that I see on you site that I like book more then my Gibbons Rookie Auto.

    Do you have any Autos that are not listed?

    Please let me know.


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    I would like to take a shot at it, LMK if I have anything on my site you would trade it for.

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    I have these incoming:

    02 Playoff Absolute Jason Michaels Auto
    01 Donruss Milestone Marks Luis Gonzalez Auto/101
    02 Topps 206 Richie Sexson Auto
    01 Fleer Autographics Richie Sexson Auto
    03 Leaf Limited Matt Kata Auto RC/400
    03 Bowman's Best Matt Kata Auto RC for $95

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    i also want a shot check my trade post here in the forum

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    Hey flipjr, The only card that I liked on your site that books around the book value of my Gibbons rookie auto is:

    Lance Berkman:
    2003 Donruss Signature autograph 07/50

    Please let me know.


    Hey ACBaseball30, I don't see a Auto that I need sorry.

    Please let me know if you have any others.


    Hey j smeltz,What doese ether of these book for?:

    03' bowman hanley ramirez blue auto (bo sox)
    96' leaf sigs gold manny ramirez

    Please let me know.

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