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Thread: Trade Dispute (ID: 26562)

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    peerless price trade

    Which team do you think got the better end of the Peerless Price trade?
    - Atlanta
    -The trade was even

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    Buffalo. You only need one great receiver and I'm not convinced Peerless can do it by himself when Moulds has proven he can. That also freed up money for the Bills to go get Takeo which they needed desperately.

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    Atlanta- Price will help there passing game alot.

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    I'd says its even I can see both teams winning another 2 games each!!

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    atlanta because price will improve their passing game soooo much just like irish irish boys must think alike

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    Both teams made out pretty good. One team needed a WR and got it and the other freed up some money to be used on defense. Hopefully this trade works out in Buffalo's favor though.

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    yea i think both teams made out very well ,,but what do i know i am a pats go pats
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    hahah I am a Jets fan...this just loaded up the AFC more than it already is

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    Peerless is a great WR, but a team cant run just on one main guy. You need a great backup so the DBs dont know where the ball is going to be thrown. I think Buffalo got the better part of the trade.


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    I'd say the Falcons got a better trade. Odds are the draft pick proves to be lousy as many have in the past.


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