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Thread: Next SCF Pack Sell

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    Next SCF Pack Sell

    What box would you like to see next???

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    something high end, not 04 autographics baseball tho YUCK

    and make it baseball

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    Originally posted by bravesfan86

    and make it baseball
    The reason I didn't put baseball on the list of options is that I would like to give everyone a chance at their favorite sport first. There will be more baseball in the future.

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    Originally posted by fairbc
    I Would say some 2004 Prestige Football :)
    I will note that as a possibility. Thanks.

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    Anymore input? As of right now, it's looking like 03 UD Patch FB.

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    I would not mind seeing some 2003 SP Authentic Football or 2004 Prestige Football. :D


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    Everyone can go out and find some Prestige, they sell em at Wal Mart and Toys R Us. Lets see some packs we cant find everywhere like Bowman Chrome, more Playoff Contenders, SPX, Sp Authentic, Skybox LE. Just my opinion though.

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