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    Soccer fans

    Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and now there is a game for the PS2 called World Tour Soccer 2005 that simulates real life soccer like I've never seen before. Whats cool about it is you don't really have to be a huge soccer fan to like it. I'm not, and love this game. I just make my own custom team, since I don't know much about soccer, and compete in the many cups. This game is so much fun you owe it to yourself to check it out even if you're just a general sports fan.

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    Is WTS 05 better than FIFA 2004?

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    I think WTS 2005 is better than FIFA. You have more team and players to choose from. Also there are alot of different stadiums to choose from. I have one heck of a time beating te computer. Can anyone recommend some players to add to my dream team?

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