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    Looking for 99 Contenders Autos

    I need:

    1999 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket autos


    Round Numbers autos i dont have....Which is a

    Heres what i have as of now.........

    99 Contenders Rookie Ticket Autos:
    Tim Couch #151 (Would like to trade for another one of these) :D
    Troy Edwards #161
    Ray Lucas #178
    Joe Montgomery #185

    99 Contenders Round Numbers Autos:
    Tim Couch / Cade McNown #RN5

    Have cards and CC for trade.....Will consider trading out of my PC for some of these....

    lmk what you have

    Thanks, Dwain Weeks

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    Hi Dwain,

    I just received:

    1999 C.E. Pro Signature Authentic Autograph #rd/650 $30.00

    Also have the Couch 2001 Pacific Invincible Game Jersey #55

    I am interested in that Owens Helmet and the Rattay Atomic Patch. I will definitely send first...

    LMK if you'd "risk" another trade!


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