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Thread: Nice Carmelo Auto for trade.

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    Nice Carmelo Auto for trade.

    I gonna post this one more time to see if anyone is interested. I have for trade a Upper deck triple dimensions autograph of carmelo anthony number 25/25 for trade. I am lookinfg for any other high end stuff in trade. Basketball, Football, or Baseball. Let me know if you are interested. Scan of card is included.

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    Im interested, what player (s) are you looking for? Is it just me, or I know its him and all but does Carmelo look weird in the card, like he has a buzz cut or something

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    what BV are you looking for? I have a few like 80BV SPX and stuff I could trade as a lot. What BV total do you want for the Melo? Please let me know. thanks

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    Well there is no bv on the card because it is numbered to 25. One sold online for $250 according to beckett. I am looking for at least $400 in quality highend stuff.

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    Cardbuyer - yeah I noticed that too the picture doesn't look like Melo at all.
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    what in specific are you looking for, i have some, a 4-color Nene patch numbered out of 50, interested?

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