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    just made my site a lot better. tell me what you think. let me know if your interested in anything. thanks

    My SITE

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    Busler- I am interested in the 1990 Tiffany Thomas card. I have the 2001 Topps Ichiro. Please let me know if you want to work out a trade.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    I'm also interested in the Thomas, and also have the Ichiro. If you can't work something out with JFried1029, please let me know.

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    To both of you, I am not 100% sure this is a topps tiffany. i need to find out. how can i tell. im pretty sure it is but not 100 %. Let me know, thanks

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    busler- to be honest, I am not sure either.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    The Topps Tiffany cards have a glossy coating on the front of the card,and the back is a brighter yellow than the normal 1990 Topps cards similar to that of the cards in the 1990 Topps Traded set.

    Wantlist and tradelist:
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    Collect Albert Pujols,Mets,golf,Topps brand RCs and set wantlist on my page. Photobucket is garbage.

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    busler- please let me know if the 90 Topps Thomas you have is the Tiffany and if you are interested in working a trade involving the 01 Topps Ichiro
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    I like these Griffeys:
    1997 Donruss VxP 1.0 CD Roms Ken Griffey Jr. #1 BV$5
    2000 Topps Home Team Advantage Ken Griffey Jr. MM MVP 97 # 475 BV$4
    2003 Topps Blue backs Ken griffey Jr. # bb8 BV$3

    I have this Ryan you might need:
    04 Leaf Exhibit Best Wishes Right #32 BV$12

    LMK if you need this. Thanks

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    busler- Have you ever figured out for sure if your 90 Topps Thomas is a Tiffany or not?
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    2004 Topps Cracker Jack Brandon Webb SP
    2003 Fleer Tradition Update Glossy Tim Olson #310 | 10/100
    2004 Topps Gold Alex Cintron/2004
    2003 UD MVP Celebration Curt Schilling/2001

    Need all these, LMK what you are looking for.

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