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Thread: Pacers over Pistons

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    Pacers over Pistons

    Cant wait for the Pacers to beat the Pistons. Does anyone think the Pistons have a chance?

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    Yes, in the East, everyone has a chance.

    Heck, the Miami Heat took Indiana to 6 games, and only lost by 3 points in game 6

    so, certainly, the Pistons have a chance

    as a matter of fact, Pistons have a better chance to beat the Pacers than the Wolves of beating the Lakers

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    Yeah, they do. Id give them about a 20%-30%chance, which is 20-30% more then the Wolves chances :-)

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    pistons have a great chance and i think they will win becuz they have

    good defense>>>ben wallace, corliss wiliamson chauncey billups rik hamiliton rasheed wallace, mehet ohkur tyshaun prince >>.plus they got larry brown a great coach

    eventhough the pacers have al harrington jermaine oneal austin croshere ,ron artest, jamaal tinsley, reggie miller and the pacers are better are scoring than the pstons the pistons will win becuz of their defense

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    Artest shot like 0-20 (5-21 to be exact, but tons of turnovers too) in game 2, thats the only reason the pistons won that game. Prince's D (What a block on Reggie at the end) had a lot to do with it, but Artest wont play that bad every game this series.

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