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Thread: nolan ryan autograph

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    Talking nolan ryan autograph

    this is turning out to be one of my best card weeks in sometime .my sister in law who works for the state agriculture department in mississippi called me and asked if i had any nolan ryan cards she doesn,t really follow sports so i knew something was up ,she told me nolan ryan was going to be at her office today and tomorrow and she could get me his autograph .i gave her 4 cards to sign for me and she said he would probably sign more,i don,t want to be rude and greedy so i just gave her the 4 here,s hoping everything goes well .thanks for the long read take care spuds

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    Thats really cool, one of the highlights of my life was getting to meet him. I have a few cards that he signed that might not be the most valuable cards in my collection but they are among my most cherished.

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