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Thread: Cards for sale-Need CC

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    Cards for sale-Need CC

    Make me an offer on any of these cards:
    00-01 Topps Chrome Mad Game Vince Carter
    99-00 Topps Chrome Keepers Ref. Elton Brand
    99-00 Topps Gold Label New Standard Steve Francis
    73-74 Topps Wes Unseld
    00-01 Spx Jason Hart Rc
    1997 Bowmens Best Atomic Ref. Stan Humphries
    2000 UD Ionix BioRhythm Larry Walker
    99-00 Upper Deck Now Showing Antawn Jamison
    98-99 Fleer Brilliants Illuminators Antawn Jamison
    99-00 Black Diamond Die-Cut Hakeem Olajuwon
    02-03 Stadium Club Hustlers Jamaal Tinsley
    2000 Topps Chrome Own the Game Keyshawn Johnson
    2001 Bowmens Best-Best Bets Santana Moss
    2001 Crown Royal Chad Pennington
    2001 Ultra Ground Command Emmitt Smith
    2000 Spx Spxcitement Chad Pennington
    02-03 Topps Chrome Drew Gooden Rc
    77-78 Topps Wes Unseld
    00-01 Finest Mateen Cleaves Rc

    There is more to come.
    LMK your offers

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    if you dont pm in the next day ill will inform the moderators

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    why dont you send me back these cards and then well be even you can keep the rest i must be compensated i really dont want to contact the moderators plmk

    73-74 Topps Wes Unseld
    98-99 Fleer Brilliants Illuminators Antawn Jamison

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    02-03 Topps Chrome Drew Gooden Rc
    I'm interested in this.. please let me know

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    02-03 Topps Chrome Drew Gooden Rc

    How much you want for that? 75cc? LMK thanks.

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    Hey Bonds thanks for the hope first dibs applies here.. lol

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    First dibs I agree but just making an offer in case you aren't willing to spend what I am. No hard feelings I hope, thanks.

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