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Thread: Looking for Cliff Lee

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    Looking for Cliff Lee

    Hey everyone- I am looking for Cliff Lee RCs (prefferably #ed), autos, and game used (if any exist). Please let me know what uve got and what u r looking for. Thanks

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    2003 Topps Gold Cliff (Indians Pitcher) Lee 1st Year Rookie card RARE serial #0369/2003
    $2 DLVD or trading for Marquis Daniels cards

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    my bad. I know he had cards issued in 2002, but this is where I am confused. If you look the card up in beckett's baseball card plus they list all the 2003 Topps First Year cards as FY RC. I was under the impression that RC meant ROOKIE. Sorry if I was mistaken but I think Beckett does classify this card as a rookie. I researched this for the last 20 minutes and am pretty sure it is considered a rookie by one the hobby's best data experts. Rookie or not it is still a first year card and I am still tarding/selling it at the same price. Once again a greatly apologize if i was mistaken, sometimes I get confused especially on the weekends lol

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    I have this:

    02 Donruss Classics Cliff Lee/1500 ($5)

    However, you'd need to send first. Have you decided whether you'll do that?

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