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    Gary Carter Autograph for trade

    Well, got this in a strange way.....not out of a pack or box but it must of been out of a contest in one of the Yahoo Groups I'm in or something. Anyways, I just received this:

    2004 Donruss Timelines Recollection Autographs Gary Carter #17/19 BV 60.00!

    I'm putting this up for trade/sale....any serious offers LMK. I would prefer at least one Autograph in return, but if you have a really good GU, I may consider it.



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    As a little footnote....I'm putting this up for Trade/Sale for a week....if there's no offers that interest me, I'm putting it on the Bay.


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    im interested.... not on my site and a giles/kendall dual gu from 2002 spx if u like pirates.... lmk if u like anything on my site

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    please check my site, maybe theyll be something you can use

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    Please check my site as well.
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    Collecting: Brook Lopez & Cat Osterman

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    The only person's site that I actually saw anything I liked was bdrr's. If no one else responds before Thursday, I'll PM you.


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    hmm...well, what did you see? :)

    btw, i love your sig...did we finally get rid of him? lol

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    Checkout my website under "Autographs". If you see anything you like please PM me.

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    bdrr-Here's what I liked so far...(I don't have complete descriptions but these are my notes)
    Tony Alvarez Auto ($15)
    Al Martin Auto ($2)
    Pat Meares 00 Paramount Holo Golf #/199 ($5)
    Warren Morris 02 Fleer Tiffany #/200 ($2.50)
    Todd Ritchie 01 Fleer Plat. Parallel #/201 ($4)
    Total BV $28.50

    Rick, there were a few things I liked from your site, too. What's the BV on the Jim Abbott Auto? I found an Abbott auto listed in the Beckett, but it's under ALl-time Fan Fav's and I don't think that's it. (That's $15) I might be interested in that. Also interested in those 03 Topps Chrome Refractors and the Giles Jersey from Piece of History.

    Steve, didn't see anything. Sorry.

    ***May give advantages to people who will trade me some Topps Chrome Refractors and such from 2003 Topps Chrome!

    BTW, I don't really know if we got rid of him. I know there was some post made in here by Molina or whatever that had a relation to it (pretty funny, I think), but I'm not quite sure.

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