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    In the SP signature set this year there are parallel cards # to the players Jersey #. If Drew Gooden who is in the parallel set is #0 what is his card # to?

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    I doubt # to /25. All cards are # to the players jersey # (random #'s 5,31,23,3.34 etc.) # this card to 25 would make no sense as part of this subset. Thanks for the try though but I am really looking for a confirmed answer not a guess. I have checked beckett and a few other sources and can not figure this one out. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    why dont you try to email beckett or upperdeck and ask them. if beckett likes the question they may even publish it

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    there is an autograph parallel of Drew Gooden #/10 in the set and I am thinking the base parallel might be the same. If I am not to lazy I will email the companies lol Thanks for the help!
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