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Thread: autos for trade

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    autos for trade

    looking to trade these for a vick, pujols, griffey, bonds, andy marte, andre johnson, boldin, mcgahee........only wanting autos in return......lmk what ya got:

    '00 SP Authentic Buyback Auto #288/541 Chipper Jones
    '02 Select Rookies and Prospects Nick Maness
    '03 UD USA Baseball Michael Griffin #704/750
    '03 Donruss Classics Rookie Shane Victorino #116/351
    '03 Donruss Signature Series Bobby Abreu
    '03 SPx Rookies GU Jersey (2 Color)/Auto Josh Willingham #786/1224
    '03 SPx Stars GU Jersey/Auto Jason Giambi #69/315
    '03 SPx Young Stars GU Jersey/Auto Kurt Ainsworth #214/1460
    '03 Playoff Piece of the Game GU Bat/Auto Brandon Phillips
    '03 SP Authentic Young Stars Marlon Byrd #31/50 (hand signed "Phillies" below his signature)
    '04 Donruss Diamond Kings Walter Young #34/200
    '04 Donruss Classics Team Colors GU Jersey/Auto Jim Palmer #31/50
    '04 Diamond Kings Dual GU Jersey/Jersey/Auto Chad Gaudin #21/25
    '04 Donruss Timelines Recollection Auto Mariano Rivera #22/23 (Blue Ink)
    '04 Donruss Timelines Call to the Hall Gaylord Perry
    '04 Flair Autograph Collection Brandon Webb #75/100
    '04 Fleer Classic Clippings Jersey/Auto Garrett Atkins #31/50 (Silver)
    '04 Fleer Classic Clippings Edgar Martinez GU Bat/Auto #45/75

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    I like the Chipper auto. Check out my site and lemme know if ya see anything that you can use. Do you happen to know BV on the Chipper?


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    I really like your:
    04 Fleer Classic Clippings Edgar Martinez GU Bat/Auto #45/75
    and I could REALLY USE:
    '04 Fleer Classic Clippings Jersey Rack Triple GU Willis/Webb/Berroa #94/225

    Please check my site and LMK, you still interested in the Gagne?

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    JBman - bv is only $40, sorry didn't see much i could use that wasn't in your PC

    soxfan - still interested in the gagne! the triple gu is probably going to get sent back tomorrow cuz there was a problem with it when i opened the pack :(
    you can kinda tell on the pic on my site, the right side of the card, the pinestripes just end because that part of the card is ripped

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    OK. I would figure the Gagne to be about $40 when it books, what would I need to add to get the Martinez? LMK

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    i like:
    Donruss Timelines Recollection Auto Mariano Rivera #22/23 (Blue Ink)

    lmk what u want

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    I need the Chipper, Palmer, and Rivera; maybe Edgar. Hopefully i have something for at least one of them

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