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Thread: bad luck once agian

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    bad luck once agian

    yah i just picked up a 20 dollar assorted box from toys r us.. it came with like 22 packs and i hardly got anything good... my best card was worth 4 dollars... i got a kenyon martin topps rookie $4, a steve francis topps rookie $4 and a fleer ultra vince carter slam show $4.. i used to get such good things in these boxes from toys r us... i used to get like gu's and other good cards that were worth money. .now i get nothing.. ne one else have this problem???

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    I picked up one of these boxes once and the best I got from it was a Walter McCarthy GU jersey.

    What were your "bonus prizes?"

    Mine were the Jordan "A Cut Above" jumbo set, Dr. Evil talking card/standup, and a Kobe Bryant electronic card thing.

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    i got that michael jordan jumbo card thing and a pack of 99'-00' topps with 40 cards in it for some reason.. in the box i also got a jason kidd UD rookie card an mj from topps some other ok cards that i already had.. does any one know why i get like all doubles in these boxes? some of the packs i get are like the same..

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    i have bought 4 or 5 of those things out of them i have not gotten anything worth while not even really anything in book value either. I did get a rookie auto once of ben sheets {sp} but it was so badly damaged it had lookied like some one bent it in half. and i did get a good card out of a bonus in one of the boxes in a can of cards was a 20.00 emmitt smith card but those are the best things i have ever pulled. To me its not worth the money just a bunch of junk they put in those things and try to pass it off as a good deal.

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